Clip-In Hair Extensions

yaki clip in human hair extensions are the new rave this year with more and more girls becoming health conscious and throwing a way the hair paste (which could cause alopecia, bare spots and breakage) and tending towards hair extensions – which perhaps not only trigger no damage whatsoever but last 10x longer (usually approx 12 months). Not all firms use large quality hair – but most do use a hair kind called Remy. Remy hair is luxury human hair and does not have one hint of artificial substances – they’re also softer.

Artificial hair is “played out” girls as of late need to handle hair extensions like their own hair – and fortunately for the human hair extensions can be natural hair clip ins by

• washed

• heat styled

• dyed

• cut

• curled and much more

Buy from businesses that sell Remy hair but be cautious not to get ripped-off – most of the star backed hair extensions use their names to trick clients but for example a complete head (7 – 8 rows) and black 18″ Remy hair should just set you straight back £25-£30 and maybe not a pound more. More than a few companies sell theirs for £149.99 – be clever and understand what you’re doing.

European hair is for the Caucasian and Asian women, whereas black/Afrocaribbean girls should buy Yaki hair as this fits their feel and blends in nicely particularly with the girls who flake out (chemically straighten) their hair.

Half head or total head?

A half-head is for the women who previously have a bit of length and depth in their own hair and only need several sections to add volume and somewhat of span (usually at the again). Women who buy half-head hair extensions would rather have levels (you never need a mullet) and need less than clear hair extensions